“Your fragrance is your message, your scented slogan,”  Maurice Roucel

We often believe that perfumes are nothing more than a source of restoring freshness, but in many ways, it is much more than that. Perfumes play a very important role in creating memories which linger forever. With diverse fragrance notes, a scent is created to suit different personality and different moods.

Compliments on someone’s fragrance is a more personal kind of compliment.” It’s a comment not only about the perfume, but also the person..

Although an accessory
a dress, personality can prompt compliments based on judgments, we are not trained to judge fragrance the same way. Complimenting someone’s fragrance is a more personal kind of compliment.” It’s a comment not only about your perfume, but also about you..
So, an essential element of a head-turning perfume is how a fragrance makes you feel when you wear it.

So How do we decide?

When you try a new perfume, notice if it keeps your interest and then the next day ask yourself if you can remember the scent. If a fragrance doesn’t leave a trace in your own memory, it’s not likely to become your signature in other people’s minds either.

Here are our 10 Best Picks under Most Complimented Perfumes for Women:


  • Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Intense-

    Top Notes- Granny Smith Apple, Lemon
    Middle Notes-Jasmine, Marigold
    Base Notes- Amber, Musk
    Longevity- 8-9 Hours
    Occasion- Summer, Day Time, Work Place..

    Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Intense smells so so fresh, citrusy,  lemony. This is perfect for all occasions, all seasons, day or night. It is fresh, airy, sensual and musky and gives a Mediterranean vibe. D&G Light Blue is perfect for summer brunch or probable a day out. This lasts freaking all day long and you are never going to stop using this one. Perfect summer outdoor scent!

  • J’adore by Dior

    Top Notes- Ylang Ylang Essence
    Middle Notes-Damask Rose
    Base Notes- Sambac Jasmine, Grasse Jasmine
    Longevity- 10-12 Hours
    Occasion- All Season, Evening Wear..

    Floral – Feminine scent that is elegant and sexy without being overbearing. J’Adore By Dior opens with fresh accord of bergamot into a vibrant armful of roses with a delicate jasmine. This can sure be your seductive signature scent if you are into floral kinda fragrance.

  • Miss Dior by Dior


    Top Notes- Mandarin, Lemon, Pink Pepper
    Middle Notes- Damask Rose, Grasse Rose and Jasmine Leaves
    Base Notes- Patchouli, Rosewood
    Longevity- 9-10 Hours
    Occasion- Day time ..

    Miss Dior is sweet, subtle, fresh, and smells irresistible. A perfect floral fragrances combined with the beauty of Grasse Rose and the boldness of Damascus Rose, this scent will leave you lovestruck. It is handcrafted with Rosewood from French Guiana and Pink Pepper.


  • Estee Lauder Muse

    Top Notes- Mandarin, Dewy petals
    Middle Notes- Tuberose, Lily, Honey, Jasmine
    Base Notes- Patchouli, Madagascan vanilla, Amber wood, Musk
    Longevity- 8-10
    Occasion- All Season, All Occasions..

    Estée Lauder Modern Muse is sure modern, classy and elegant with a perfect blend of floral, spice and musk. A great 9-5 either as office wear or evening parties. Estée Lauder Mordern Muse is a perfect ‘signature scent’.

  • Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

    Top Notes- Pink Pepper, Orange
    Middle Notes- Jasmine, Coffee
    Base Notes- Vanilla, Patchouli, Cedar wood
    Longevity- Whole Day till Next Morning
    Occasion- All Occasion..

    With an addictive combination of white floral, coffee, vanilla, and cedar wood, YSL Black Opium easily has a head turner scent. It is a creamy dose of coffee, spice and vanilla on the first spray but eventually the sweetness pushes through and woody notes come forward. It is sweet and sensual which is great for Colder Months.

  • Dior Poison Girl


    Top Notes- Sicilian Sweet Orange, Calabrian Bitter Orange
    Middle Notes- Neroli, Rose Demai, Damascan rose
    Base Notes- Vanilla, Tonka bean
    Longevity- 8-9 hours
    Occasion- All Occasion

    Dior Poison Girl is the most exotic perfume for women. Combining the freshness of the sparkling neroli with the icy orange warmed by an ultra-sensual rose from grasse, Poison Girl is a floral scent that seduces with a fruity floral top note and the addictive base note.

  • Lancome La vie Est Belle Perfume

    Top Notes- Black Current, Pear
    Middle Notes- Iris, Jasmine, Orange Blossom
    Base Notes- Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Praline, Patchouli
    Longevity- This lasts for days
    Occasion- Evening, Night, Special Occasions..

    Yet another feminine super sweet fragrance, Lancome La vie Est Belle is definetly a “Girl Next Door” perfume. The fragrance of joyful femininity and happiness. It entwines the elegance of iris with the strength of Patchouli and the sweetness of a gourmand blend; for an incredible scent with depth and complexity.

  • Viva la Juicy – Juicy Couture Gold Couture

    Top Notes- Wild Berries
    Middle Notes- Honeysuckle, Jasmine
    Base Notes- Sandalwood, Amber, Caramel, Vanilla
    Longevity- 5-6 Hours
    Occasion- Evening, Date Night

    Viva la Juicy Juicy Couture Gold Couture is a Perfect Date Night Fragrance. It indulges the senses with wild berries, a kiss of honeysuckle, and a luxurious elixir of golden amber, melts down to awesome caramel/vanilla musk that is just heavenly, audacious and glamorous.

  • Mon Guerlain

    Key Notes- Carla Lavender, Sambac Jasmine,Sandalwood, Vanilla
    Longevity- 7-9 Hours
    Occasion- All Season, All Occasion..

    Carla Lavender’s perfect contrast with the sensual Vanilla, infusing the scent with audacity and freshness. Sambac Jasmine gives  Mon Guerlain all its finesse with Album Sandalwood preserving its mystery. Mon Guerlain is a distinctive scent that is feminine, tender and subtle.

  • Georgia Armani Code Cashmere


    Top Notes- Orange Blossom, Sambac Jasmine
    Middle Notes- Heliotrope, Iris, Almond Milk
    Base Notes- Leather, Patchouli, Suede, Insense
    Longevity-7-8 Hours
    Occasion- All Season, All Occasion

    Armani Code Cashmere is a dense contrast of orange blossom notes, accentuated by Sambac jasmine with Supremely sensual heliotrope and iris notes and not to forget the unique Base notes. This is a delightful citrus/ suede scent with multiple stages of citrus, floral, patchouli, mush and finally milky nutty gourmand. Perfect for Winter evenings but can be worn otherwise..

    Find Here – https://amzn.to/2KiU85b

    Do let us know your Favorite..

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