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In the previous post I shared my review on the much talked about Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement. Here I am going to share HOW TO USE PANTENE OIL REPLACEMENT – OILING TO STYLING ?

We know how difficult it can get to take care of our hair everyday and especially while travelling. This incredible oil replacement provides multiple benefits without causing any inconvenience.

I have really long hair with dry ends, so oiling & washing every day is not only time consuming but takes lots of effort. I often seek products with immediate results. For extra nourishment, I use this product before and after wash. This cream does not make my hair greasy, so, I easily can step out wearing this.

Pantene Oil Replacement is a Multipurpose product for all my hair care needs. This is a great source of nourishment that can be used from Oiling to Styling everday.

In this post, I share with you 5 different ways I like using Pantene Oil Replacement Cream :


1. Oil Replacement-

Oiling is great! But are you looking for an oil replacement. Are you looking for a product that is non – sticky and does the job ? I’d suggest you to try Pantene Oil Replacement. Take generous amount, massage your hair, wrap it in a towel and wash it after 30 mins. This will lock the moisture, will make your hair smoother.

2. Leave In Conditioner-

 Are you someone who swears by oiling ? Don’t worry , you can still try Pantene Oil Replacement cream as a leave in conditioner. After using shampoo , while your hair is still damp, just take this cream and apply it starting from mid length. This will give that extra shine and nourishment.


3. Anti Frizz Serum-

Pantene Oil Replacement Cream makes a huge difference on the frizzy hair. This product has become my hair essential. While travelling, I keep this handy and use it when ever I feel my hair is dry in the new environment. This tames baby hair and does a great job in quickly smoothing dry ends.

4. Over night Hair Repair-

Every night, we follow a good skincare routine to bring back the moisture we’ve lost. Similarly, Pantene Oil Replacement is that one product for hair. All that styling, dust and pollution makes it super damaged and dry. Just apply this on the ends, wrap your hair into a bun, leave it overnight and wake up to non greasy smooth hair.



5. Heat Protector-

Lastly, Pantene Oil Replacement Cream does a good job as a heat protector. So, next time do not forget to use this cream prior to styling your hair.


This product is a one stop solution for all my hair care needs. It is super convinient and has become my hair essential.


Find this Product Here- https://amzn.to/2OLsdJw

Do let me know how you would like to use Pantene Oil Replacement ?

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